It’s not so easy to feel like an Alpha Female when you’re felled by microscopic organisms taking up residence in your head and chest, making you feel nothing short of miserable.

First, I’d like that 12-ton elephant that’s sitting on my chest to kindly relocate, thank you very much!  Second, where does all that “stuff” that seems to flow like Niagara from my sinuses come from anyway?  At this rate I think I could easily provide enough hydro-electric power to light up a small city; Des Moines, maybe.

And a word to all those pharmas that crank out every kind of cold and flu remedy known to man – try making something that works!  Sure Nyquil makes me sleep, anything with that much alcohol would put down a clydesdale for the night  and leave it with the same crummy hang-over in the morning! It feels like I’m back in the 60’s.  I’ve taken pills, swallowed syrups, snorted nasal mists, sucked lozenges, pretty much run the gamut, only without the happy head trips!  The coughing, sneezing and wheezing just keeps on keeping on.

I’d like to continue on with this, but apparently writer’s block is an ancillary symptom of this creeping crud as well.  Tough to be creative when you’re typing between sneezes and your train of thought is interrupted by a coughing fit.

And so to bed…again!  Dang!

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